Disgusting DJ Reprimanded for Death Prank

KOB Albuquerque reports that a local a–hole DJ pulled a prank claiming that the King of Pop had died of a drug overdose.


Their news station was then inundated with calls from people trying to find out about the non-incident. Some calls were from those upset the news station wasn’t reporting about such a major event.

When contacted by KOB, the radio station confirmed the ‘news’ was a prank.

Michael Jackson tribute band coming to Cox Capitol Theatre

They bill themselves as “The Ultimate Michael Jackson Tribute Band,” and though they set themselves up with a name that is easy pickings for any wiseguy critic to tee off on, Who’s Bad actually isn’t half bad.

The group from Chapel Hill, N.C., delivers a sound that, believe it or not, if you’re not too nit-picky and not too in need of the gloved one’s uber-high pitch, approaches a Vegas-grade…imitation of the King of Pop.