Police photographs may save Jackson

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Copyright 1994 Caledonian Newspapers Ltd. The Herald (Glasgow) January 28, 1994 Police photographs may save Jackson New York, Thursday – POLICE photographs of Michael Jackson’s genitals may be his salvation in avoiding criminal charges of child abuse, according to a source close to the pop star’s camp. The source, who asked to remain anonymous, said the photographs did not tally with a description given to police by a 14-year-old boy who accused Jackson in a civil suit of sexually abusing him. The source said this was one reason why the star agreed this week to settle the suit with the boy and his parents. According to the source, the boy was paid $ 5m (£3.3m) to withdraw his suit. The source said the description the youth gave of Jackson’s genitalia turned out to be at variance with photographs a Judge ordered police to have taken. “The pictures simply didn’t match the boy’s description,” said the source. In his tearful four-minute televised message from his Neverland Ranch last month, Jackson described the photographic session as “the most humiliating ordeal” of his life.–Reuter. Source: Lexis Nexis

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