Jackson wins copyright case

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Variety Jackson wins copyright case
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Feb 16, 1994

A Denver Federal court jury ruled Tuesday that pop star Michael Jackson did not steal the hit song "Dangerous" from a local songwriter.

The four-man, four-woman U.S. District Court jury deliberated for less than three hours before reaching its verdict in the five-day copyright infringement case brought by aspiring recording artist Crystal Cartier.

"It’s three out of three," said Los Angeles lawyer Eve Wagner, who along with Dan Hoffman represented Jackson during the trial. "We’re glad justice has been done," she said.

Jackson has been exonerated in two previous copyright infringement cases, including last month’s ruling by a Los Angeles District court jury that Jackson did not steal the hit songs "We Are the World,""Thriller" and "The Girl Is Mine" from three childhood acquaintances. The singer won a copyright action in 1983 brought by a Chicago songwriter.

Hoffman’s blistering summation during closing arguments caused Cartier to flee the courtroom in tears, when he told jurors that her testimony was fraught with discrepancies. Cartier did not return to the court to hear the verdict.

"You would have to conclude that right down the line every (defense) witness came to lie under oath," Hoffman said. "That’s the only way you can believe Miss Cartier."

On Monday, Jackson testified he wrote the music and lyrics to "Dangerous" and demonstrated his songwriting technique to thecourt.

Gretchen Eberhardt, one of Cartier’s attorneys, said no decision has been made on whether to appeal the verdict.

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