Jim Anderson looking for land for the North County Jail

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The Reader’s Voice: Arnoldi Is Most Qualified for Santa Barbara County SheriffM Letter to the Editor Wednesday January 30, 2002 Daily Nexus > Opinion > Volume 82, Issue Number 67 Editor, Daily Nexus, I’ve attended two of the forums; I’ve listened closely to each of the four candidates. There is only one candidate that I feel will do the best job for all of the people. How did I rule out the other three? Well, why would I vote for someone who has left the force three times? Santa Barbara County Under-Sheriff Undersheriff David Dorsey doesn’t know if he wants to work or not. Commander Jim Anderson, although he received the most votes cast, he did not receive the majority of the membership. Ask the people of Buellton how they feel about him and why we demanded that Sheriff Jim Thomas have him removed. Anderson is supposed to be looking for land for the North County Jail, but it has been over two years and he still has not done the job. Perhaps he has been campaigning and not doing his job. Police detective Roger Aceves doesn’t impress me at all and received the least number of votes from the Deputy Sheriffs’ Association; maybe he should reconsider and stay in the police department. Lt. Butch Arnoldi seems to have the most experience, with over 27 years in the Sheriff’s Department, 14 years as president of the Deputy Sheriffs’ Association, and he is the ONLY one who believes in open communication and working as a team. His various assignments throughout the county would be a great asset to the people of Santa Barbara County. Recent articles indicate that he is the only candidate who has not asked for financial support of any kind and has no political agenda. He will definitely get my vote because I feel that he best fits the description of sheriff in that he will bring honesty, integrity and commitment back to that elected office. Get the facts on each of the candidates like I did, and then you will vote like me. VOTE for Lt. Ugo Arnoldi. SHARON SAUNDERS :nav Source: http://www.ucsbdailynexus.com/opinion/2002/2188.html

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