Thomas could win recall with two votes

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Thomas could win recall with two votes By Elizabeth Rodriguez — Staff Writer 8/25/02 If the recall effort against Third district supervisor Gail Marshall is successful, then Sheriff Jim Thomas will be her replacement if he gets at least one vote. The deadline to file for candidacy against Marshall passed Thursday and Thomas was the only person who filed. In order for Marshall to be recalled, 50 percent of the voters plus one must vote against her. Then Thomas would only need at least one vote to replace her. “It’s a simple choice. First they’ll have to choose yes or no (for recall),” Thomas said. Thomas said his game plan will be to get out and try to educate the public about the actual process. “It’s an unusual case and some don’t know what a recall really is, it is the voter’s right to remove an official,” he said. Thomas said he feels he is the only candidate because he is recognized as a good representative for the county due to his years in public service. “The people are comfortable with me, they made a tactical decision.” Thomas has received the support of the Santa Barbara County Deputy Sheriff’s Association. Jim Burke, president of the association said they are supporting Thomas because he is a public safety advocate. Thomas said he is proud to have earned their support. Thomas said he also has the support of the Santa Barbara County Farm Bureau and the Cattleman’s Association. Das Williams, campaign manager for Marshall’s No On Recall, has a different view. He said the fact that only Thomas is running reflects that majority of the constituents of Marshall’s district are happy with Marshall’s leadership. “If dissatisfaction was prevalent, there’d be a number of people running for her seat,” Williams said. “If he disagreed with how Marshall is running things, then he should run against her in a regular election.” No On Recall will have their first event against the recall vote today, Williams said. Beginning at 9 a.m. volunteers will go door-to-door, led by Gail Marshall and Goleta Mayor Margaret Connell in Goleta to ask people to vote against the recall. :nav Source:

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