College Professor offended by Vanity Fair article

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A college professor, who has studied voodoo for 20 years, is offended by Wacko Ortho’s (Maureen Orth) Vanity Fair article about MJ. Here’s a snip: [quote]Voodoo, hexes, curses, witch doctors? “I’m shocked to read all this junk,” was the reaction of Elizabeth McAlister, an assistant religion professor at Wesleyan University who has studied the religion of voodoo for 20 years. “This sensational reporting is very offensive.” …”It reads frenetically like a litany of crazy events that don’t make sense,” McAlister said. “The point is that voodoo is a religious system with its own moral logic. It’s not a system of revenge or arbitrary magic.” McAlister said that, factually, “none of it makes any sense.” Voodoo comes from Benin [in Africa] and is also practiced in Haiti, not the countries that Orth cites – Mali, Saudia Arabia and Switzerland.[/quote] To read the FULL article, head over to :document[url=]MJ NEWS[/url]!

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