MICHAEL’S ASSOCIATE: Lawyer Myung-Ho Lee is a Liar

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[b]March 8, 2003 Number 671 MICHAEL’S ASSOCIATE: Lawyer Lee is a Liar[/b] Michael Jackson’s associate, the lawyer Brian Oxman, has told Britain’s GMTV that the the recent Vanity Fair article that carries sensational stories about Michael Jackson is a complete fabrication planted by Michael’s former business partner, Myung-Ho Lee. Accoring to a Yahoo report on 5th March, Mr. Lee said: “It is absolutely unbelievable and unreal and the family members say it is absurd. These allegations come from a lawyer called Mr. Lee who Michael has been in financial dispute with for several months now. We think that in itself tells you the information is not right.” Mr. Oxman also refuted the Vanity Fair article’s claim that Michael is in financial difficulty. “Is Michael bankrupt?” he said, “Michael is doing very well!” Commenting further on the Vanity Fair article, Mr Oxman said: “These things pop up all the time and they evaporate as nonsense.” Source: [url=http://www.mjni.com]MJNI[/url]

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