Michael’s lawyers comment on the Avram trial

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:announce[b]Michael’s lawyers comment on the Avram trial[/b] The jury in the Avram case has seen fit, for whatever reason, to award Marcel Avram–the ex-con that was sentenced to 3 years in German jail on 12 counts of tax evasion–5.3M dollars instead of the 21.2M he was asking for. Jackson’s legal eagles said the outcome was a win for their client, considering the number of zeroes Avram sought, against the number he was awarded. “As a lawyer who tried the case, I would have preferred the verdict to be zero,” attorney Zia Modabber said. “But on the economics, this is a very positive result for Michael.” Modabber said [b]the jury’s verdict covered Avram for expenses relating to the canceled millennial concerts, but [u]denied[/u] him bucks for two Jackson-headlined benefit concerts in South Korea and Germany that the promoter claimed to have lost millions on.[/b] “I think [Jackson] got what he wanted–to let people, in part, to know you can’t sue him for a ‘gazillion, jillion dollars,'” Modabber said, borrowing from Austin Powers’s Dr. Evil. “He’s going to stand up for himself.” The verdict came two weeks after deliberations began. During this trial, journalists lit up the tabloid and regular press with sensationalized stories about Jackson on everything from his relationship with children to his alleged and totally unsubstantiated ‘voodoo curses’. Unless this jury was sequestered, it would be asinine to think that the headlines had no effect on how they felt about Jackson, regardless of any Judge’s instruction. You can leave your comments on this info in this thread: :document[url=http://forum.mjeol.com/index.php?act=ST&f=3&t=2778]Michael’s Lawyers Comment on Avram Trial[/url] -MJEOL // E! Online

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