Inaccuracies abound in the latest RS interview with LMPresley

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:wtf In our ‘WTF?’ files, I offer this: In the interview, it states: [quote]She says that Jackson first tried to get in touch with her when she was a teenager[18]. She got a message through her lawyer — “He wants to meet you; he thinks you’re very pretty” — but she blew it off: “I was completely in love with Danny, and I thought he was weird, and I had no interest in meeting him.” A few years later a friend called and said that Jackson wanted to hear a demo she had made. … But, to be clear, is it fair to say that in private you were doing all the things that married people do: kissing, going to bed together, having sex? “Yeah. That was part of it, for a while. And then it became the Def Con 2. It just got really ugly at the end.” Before, when it was good, was it your understanding that that was what he wanted? A pause. “I don’t know what he wanted anymore. I know that it looks very timely for him, in retrospect — the record was coming out, that other @#%$ was happening, and I was too caught up in . . . ” She stops, and recasts the thought. “I can tell you my intentions; I can’t tell you what his were.”[/quote] Michael had been trying to get in contact with her for [b]YEARS before[/b] the 1993 false accusations. So she’s basically implying that Michael used her in 1993 to boost his image, when he had already–BY HER OWN ADMISSION–been trying to hook up with her since she was 18. She damn sure wasn’t 18 in 1993. That is TOO obvious. So either she’s lying to herself, lying to us, or the writer is lying to us all. So her trying to imply that he was ‘using’ her during that time is completely ridiculous. And it goes on: [quote]There were other fault lines opening. Jackson had asked her never to speak about him, and she felt he was taking liberties, particularly in a TV Guide story at the time. “He was quoting me, ‘Lisa Marie told me Elvis had a nose job,’ which is absolute bullshit,” she says. “I think it justified something in his mind — they were asking him about his plastic surgery. I read that, and I threw it across the kitchen. ‘I told you what?’ ” How did it come to a head? “I’d had enough. That’s all.” You pulled the plug? “Yes. I told him I wanted a divorce. Then he didn’t talk to me for a couple of weeks.”[/quote] Someone is lying through their teeth. Michael did the TV Guide interview, “The Once and Future King”, in [b][u]December 1999[/u][/b]. They were LONG SINCE divorced. They got divorced in 1996! So what the hell is she talking about?? Peppina at MJJF just found an interesting article confirming that Elvis did, in fact have a nose job. And LMP is claiming in RS magazine that she didn’t tell him that. I guess he just magically knew, huh? :rolleyes2 Anyway, here’s the full article (i’ve bolded the relevant text) where they out Elvis’s nose job: [quote]We heard that Elvis grew up in Memphis’s Jewish neighborhood, the Pinch, and that, when he was a teenager, he lived downstairs from a local rabbi, Alfred Fruchter. So we head to the Pinch to scout for Jewish oldtimers who might have known the young Elvis. We locate the Rabbi’s widow, Jeannette Fruchter, who is still alive. We pay her a visit. … Mrs. Fruchter tells us we should interview the Presleys’ old landlady, Fagie Shaffer, who lives in a suburb of Memphis. We call her up and arrange a visit. MRS. SHAFFER: Elvis used to come by once a month to deliver their rent check. I think they paid $50. He was a very nice boy. My mother used to call him Elvis’l, which is a Yiddish term of endearment. SCHMELVIS: What do you remember about him? [b]Mrs. SHAFFER (leafing through her old scrapbook of photos and articles about Elvis): When I first knew him, he had a big nose and not such a beautiful skin. But after his surgery, he turned into a very fine looking young man. SCHMELVIS: What kind of surgery? MRS. SHAFFER: Nose surgery. (Pause) MAX: Are you saying that Elvis had a nose job? MRS. SHAFFER: Yes I am. You don’t believe me. (FINDS A PHOTO OF YOUNG ELVIS FROM THE SCRAPBOOK). Look, here’s his original nose. After the interview, the group leaves her apartment to board the Winnebago. MAX: Today we learned that Elvis’ mother wanted him to be a doctor; he loved matzoh ball soup and he had a nose job. If that doesn’t prove that he’s Jewish, nothing will. What more proof do we need? [/b] [url=][/url] [/quote] Well, that’s what bitter, ex-wives who are trying to sell albums can do to ya. :crazy My verdict of the LMP Rolling Stone interview: :bs

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