Michael Jackson and Chris Tucker visit a lawfirm April 2003!

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Michael Jackson and Chris Tucker made a trip to a lawfirm on April 1st, surprising the employees there! Here’s a snip from the latest article: [quote][img]http://mas.scripps.com/TCP/2003/04/03/04sjack-c-bw-b1loc_e.jpg[/img]It might have been April Fools’ Day, but it was no joke. That was pop superstar Michael Jackson and pal, actor/comedian Chris Tucker, who popped in to attorney Willie Gary’s office Tuesday. “It was certainly a big surprise,” said Kori Love, director of public relations for the Gary firm. “They spent the day together and came to the office toward the end of the day.” Love said Tucker, star of such movies as “Rush Hour” and “The Fifth Element,” is a friend of Gary’s and he brought Jackson along for the visit. Jackson is the attorney’s new client, according to Love. She said the case involved a “breach of contract with a major corporation,” but said she could not specify further. The sudden visit took many employees of the firm by surprise. Jackson and Tucker took time to pose for pictures with the staff. [/quote] :shocked To read the FULL article, see the BIG version of the pic, and to leave your comments, head on over to the :document[url=http://forum.mjeol.com/index.php?act=ST&f=3&t=3261&s=2be4c787f7ba311d7dab29c8ee45688f]MJ NEWS[/url] forum NOW!

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