UK MJ Chart numbers since LWMJ

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According to MJJF, MJ’s music has been on the UK charts since the hideous ‘Living with Michael Jackson’ mockumentary. Here’s the latest: [quote]Full chart runs since the interview.. HIStory Greatest Hits since 9th Feb 37,58,53,24,30,15,15,27,31 HIStory (original) since 9th Mar 65,93,out Thriller since 9th Feb 48,55,58,47,39,26,42,52,48 Bad since 9th Feb 73,91,out,68,38,50,98,92,76 Off The Wall since 9th Feb 98,out,out,66,50,69,99,100,78 [/quote] So, up to April 7, 3 albums are UP in the charts! Thriller #48 (up 4) Bad #76 (up 16) Off The Wall at #78 (up 22) Source: MJJF :cool

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