MJJF MEMBERS: MJJF SHOULD be back up tomorrow (April 10)

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For those who are members at MJJFORUM.COM’s forums, I’ve just gotten word from MJJF that they SHOULD be back up by some time tomorrow (April 10)! Don’t worry! They’re just switching servers. :thumbsup Here’s the latest announcement: [quote]MJJF has been growing rapidly. We are 550 members strong! In order to keep up with our growth, we are in the process of switching all of our database to a new, very large and secure server. We understand how much we have come to mean to all of you and realize how very frustrating it is to try to access us only to find that we are not up and running yet. Please know that we have been constantly working to get everything transferred as quickly as possible. It is our belief that MJJF will be back online tomorrow “BETTER THAN EVER BEFORE”. Thank you for your patience and loyalty. Team MJJF P.S. The main website is up and running! You can STILL get all the latest news [/quote]

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