Sawyer used Presley to bash Jackson~ Jim Brachman weighs in on the PTL interview

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Jim Brachman writes another gem concerning the Diane Sawyer interview with Lisa Marie Presley which aired on ABC. Here’s an excerpt from his latest article: [quote]Not to be outdone by colleague/competitor Barbara Walters, ABC’s Diane Sawyer has joined the Let’s Viciously Attack Michael Jackson For No Reason Club. While recently talking with Lisa Marie Presley, the daughter of Elvis and former wife of Michael Jackson (Presley is promoting a new album), Sawyer broached the usual rumors, gossip and innuendo about Michael Jackson… and children. First, she goaded Lisa Marie into saying Michael Jackson is odd (which makes him the first and only person in show business who’s odd). Sawyer then tried very hard to get Lisa Marie to say that her marriage to Jackson was in name only. Presley responded by saying that the “romantic” side of the marriage (as in sexual relations) was normal. Poor Diane. There goes her scoop. When that didn’t work, Sawyer continued on as prosecutor, suggesting, “everyone knows” Michael Jackson used drugs. Lisa Marie said she saw no evidence of it. Dang, Diane. There goes scoop number two.[/quote] :applause To read the FULL article, send your thanks to Brachman and/or leave your comments about it, click over to the :documentMJ NEWS forum!

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