MJ Home Videos special to include strong, coarse language!

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This is from a member at MJEOL: [quote] [quote] LISTEN TO THIS!!! I went to tvguide.com and read the listing for this new special and it said rated tvpg for STRONG COARSE LANGUAGE!!!! what is that all about Peace Annie [/quote] 8:00 PM Channel 5 WNYW Thursday, 24 Michael Jackson’s Private Home Movies 120 min. An interview with the singer includes footage from his own collection regarding his life, family and friends. (VCR Plus+ 12892) Rating: TV-PG [b]Content: Strong, Coarse Language[/b] Category: Specialty & Other Release Year: 2003[/quote] Now I REALLY REALLY want to see it. Set your VCRs! 😀

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