Artists and their labels battle, while sales plummet

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Here’s the latest about the on-going battle for artists to gain fair treatment in the recording industry: [quote]Record companies already plagued by steadily declining sales now face the return of a barrage of aggressive bills in California and New York that will attack the industry’s contract and accounting practices. Last year, California legislators convened a flurry of hearings that pitted disgruntled recording artists who claimed their record companies had cheated them, against record executives who complained about spoiled superstars. Stars including Carole King, Montel Jordan, Fleetwood Mac’s Stevie Nicks and the Backstreet Boys’ Kevin Richardson complained of short earnings and long contracts. Country singer Clint Black said he owes his label money despite selling millions of records. Country star Merle Haggard has made similar charges of underreported royalties. No laws were passed in California, and two major music firms pledged to reform their dealings with artists. But state Sen. Kevin Murray, a former music agent who led last year’s attack, is introducing four bills this year that would change how the industry signs and pays its recording artists.[/quote] To read the full article, head to the :document[url=]Other Music News[/url] forum.

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