USA Today: More MJ on FOX

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Here’s a snip from the latest out of USA Today: [quote]”Everybody seems to have an opinion about him, and 99.9% of these people have never met him,” executive producer Brad Lachman says. “He wanted to show people who he really is.” Lachman says tonight’s Michael Jackson’s Private Home Movies (8 p.m. ET/PT, Fox) won’t be the controversial detonation that ABC’s Living With Michael Jackson was earlier this year…That month proved that the cynical “who cares?” mentality about an eccentric and fading pop star doesn’t exist. The insatiable hunger for Jackson TV spurred producers to elbow in new Jackson-themed shows to evening lineups. Tonight kicks off a new month-long sweeps period, and Lachman says his team has enough footage to produce at least two on-the-spot TV specials if viewers demand it. Jackson hosted Lachman and four producers at Neverland Ranch, where they scanned home videos 14 hours a day for six days.[/quote] To read the FULL article, head over to the :document[url=]MJ NEWS[/url] forum now!

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