Bashir found GUILTY of misleading father: BSC

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Martin Bashir, the Brit we all love to hate, has been found [b]guilty[/b] of grossly misleading the father of a teenaged prodigy in order to get the father to do an interview with him. Here’s a snip from the latest article: [quote]Just months after his controversial Michael Jackson scoop, Martin Bashir has been found guilty of misleading the father of a teenage prodigy to gain access to his daughter for a TV interview. In a damning report, TV watchdogs have ruled that ITV’s star interviewer and his Tonight with Trevor McDonald team misled Farooq Yusof into believing they were investigating the role of the authorities in his daughter’s disappearance and failed to give a “clear indication as to the nature and purpose of the programme”. The broadcasting standards commission [BSC] ruling will come as a blow to Bashir’s journalistic credibility coming so soon after the controversy surrounding the methods he employed to secure his world exclusive with Jackson.[/quote] To read the FULL article, head over to :document [url=]MJ CONVERSATIONS[/url] now!

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