Petition to FOX to show more MJ videos approahes 900 sigs. in under 2 weeks!

UPDATE #2: With almost 950 signatures in just under 2 weeks, the online petition to FOX to show more MJ Home Videos is among the [b]TOP 15[/b] OF ALL petitions at, coming in at #11 today and climbing! [url=][/url] Jennifer Fitzgerald To Michael Jackson Fans Michael Jackson Home Videos Continue Reading

Kelly showing MJ some love

[img align=left][/img]Kelly Rowlands, from Destiny’s Child was showing MJ some love at the Teen People party May 5 2003! Love that MJ baby-tee!

MJ mobbed by thousands in Aventura Mall May 1st

[b]King Of Pop Sighted In South Florida[/b] “We Thought Someone Was Shot,” Says Fan AVENTURA, Fla. — What happens when the most talked about and world famous celebrity goes shopping at a South Florida mall? [img align=left][/img] It happened yesterday in Aventura. “We heard screams and craziness going on in the mall,” said one fan. “We thought someone was shot.” It turns out the commotion was caused by none other than Michael Jackson, who is supposedly looking for a house in South Florida. Jackson tried to keep yesterday’s visit to Aventura Mall low-key by wearing his Hershey print pajama bottoms. But fans were soon on to him. After all, how many Hershey-print-pajama-sporting men do you know who have a body guard at their side? Watch Michelle Kosinski’s report in the [url=] FeedRoom[/url]. :arrow Source: [url=][/url] You can talk about this subject, along with getting more news about it, in the :document[url=]MJ NEWS[/url] forum!