MJ Shopping in Indiana Mall

Here’s the latest: [quote]Jackson was seen shopping in the Circle Center Mall, RTV6’s Ericka Flye reported. [img align=”left”]http://www.mjeol.com/mj_03_indiana5_border.gif[/img] The singer is back in his home state to give a deposition in a copyright infringement lawsuit Wednesday. Jackson landed at Indianapolis International Airport Tuesday afternoon and immediately got into a black Continue Reading

Michael Jackson Loves Taco Bell! UPDATE: More info

[b]Michael Jackson “Lobbies” for Taco Bell[/b] # Wearing Spider-Man Mask, Jackson Pops Into Congressman’s Office May 20, 2003 12:16 pm US/Central [img align=left]http://www.mjeol.com/mj_03_spidermanmask_small.jpg[/img]SOLVANG, Calif. (AP) Reclusive pop star Michael Jackson, wearing a red-and-blue Spider-Man mask, popped into a congressman’s field office, seeking an answer to a critical issue. The costumed Continue Reading