NY Times Editor enables lying, says takebackthemedia.com

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TBTM Commentary by Dennis Hans (takebackthemedia.com) We learn in the May 11 New York Times that, since 1999, America’s newspaper of record has regularly published reporter Jayson Blair’s flights of fancy as straight news. “He fabricated comments,” the Times reports. “He concocted scenes. He lifted materials from other newspapers. . . and selected details from photographs to create the impression he had been somewhere or seen someone, when he had not.” Blair now acknowledges “personal problems” and has expressed contrition. Let’s hope the 27-year-old gets his act together and leads, from this point forward, a long, happy, productive and honorable life. Let us also thank Blair for humiliating an editor, Howell Raines, who richly deserves it. The Times executive editor has a history of enabling liars. In Blair’s case, Raines should have removed him from reporting duties long ago, when mid-level editors had already found many fallacious “facts” in Blair’s dispatches. :more[url=http://www.takebackthemedia.com/com-hans-5-12.html]Read More[/url]

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