MJ at Brett Ratner’s party, June 8 2003

[img align=right]http://www.mjeol.com/mj_03_bretratnerparty_june8slide.gif[/img]Mike was at Brett Ratner’s party recently! Here’s a snip from the latest info article: [quote]Some of the book’s luminaries showed up as well, to discuss their own projects or praise Ratner. “He’s the nicest person I’ve ever met,” said Michael Jackson, sitting on a couch and flipping nonchalantly Continue Reading

Letters to Michael Jackson

This is just in from MJJF: [quote] Our dear friend Daggi, President of Together-For A Better World Fanclub in Germany, presented an idea to many Michael Jackson Fanclubs and fansites worldwide. She wanted to present Michael support messages from around the world on June 11th, 2003 — the date that Continue Reading