Letters to Michael Jackson

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This is just in from MJJF: [quote] Our dear friend Daggi, President of Together-For A Better World Fanclub in Germany, presented an idea to many Michael Jackson Fanclubs and fansites worldwide. She wanted to present Michael support messages from around the world on June 11th, 2003 — the date that he will be in Gary, Indiana. MJ Unity on behalf of Daggi’s wonderful idea, will be presenting Michael messages collected by various Fanclubs and fans internationally. MJJForum will aid in collecting these messages that will be presented to Michael at his childhood home on 2300 Jackson St. Also, he will be receiving a special gift. This is an international effort so please, show your support for The King of Pop and send your messages! Would you like to have your message presented to Michael Jackson? Please post your messages here within the next 24 hours so we can forward them to MJ Unity. Once again, thanks to Daggi for the wonderful idea. It is fans like you that truly makes a difference! :tack Source: MJJF/Daggi/MJ Unity[/quote] So email your letter to: fan-participation@mjunity.com You can post a copy of your letters at [url=http://forum.mjeol.com/index.php?act=ST&f=2&t=4858&s=206898ad9f74c62bfb26a648edbbda34]MJEOL[/url] or at MJJF’s Community forum. Related: :lastd [url=http://www.mjjforum.com/forums/index.php]MJJF[/url]

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