Mike Jackson draws a crowd at McCormick Place

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Here’s a snip from the latest article from ABC7 Chicago: [quote] Singer Michael Jackson is making a rare visit to Chicago. He is in town with his brother Marlon and they’re promoting a cable channel during a convention at McCormick Place. There are plenty of conventions that come in and out of McCormick Place. This time it is the national cable telecommunications association that has taken up residence temporarily. Michael Jackson was there because his big brother Marlon told him to be there. At least that’s what Marlon Jackson told reporters. A lot of people who were supposed to be at other workshops and other exhibits wanted to catch glimpse of Michael Jackson and comedian actor Chris Tucker. They both came as friends of the network MBC, that stands for Major Broadcasting Cable network. [/quote] To read the FULL report and TO SEE A VIDEO REPORT, head over to the [url=http://forum.mjeol.com/index.php?act=ST&f=3&t=4893&s=40f680a18438a1193f7ea8b45e491c13]MJ NEWS[/url] forum or click [url=http://forum.mjeol.com/index.php?s=40f680a18438a1193f7ea8b45e491c13&act=Post&CODE=02&f=3&t=4893]:newreply[/url] to post a reply now! [i]Related:[/i] :lastd [url=http://abclocal.go.com/wls/news/060903_ns_michalejackson.html]ABC7 Chicago[/url]

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