Former partner urges suit be dropped against Michael Jackson

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Former partner of the man suing Michael Jackson urges that the suit be dropped! Here’s a snip from [quote]Brown said he hopes to persuade his former business partner, Gordon Keith, to drop a trademark and copyright infringement lawsuit against him and the Jacksons, which is pending in U.S. District Court in Hammond. That litigation forced Michael Jackson’s return to Indiana for the first time in decades to answer lawyers’ questions about the suit or pay stiff fines. Brown, a Gary native now living in California like the Jacksons, returned to publicly insist neither he nor Jackson conspired to harm Keith with the release of “The Jackson 5 — Pre-History: The Lost Steeltown Recordings.” Keith claims the 1996 retrospective improperly mixed early works of the Jackson 5 with that of another Gary rhythm and blues band, Ripples and Waves plus Michael, a band formed by Keith’s nephew, Elvy Woodard. The compact disc didn’t credit Keith or Woodard, and it incorrectly stated the Jackson 5 once called themselves Ripple and Waves.[/quote] Read the FULL article and post your views here: :4pinned [url=]Talent promoter urges Jackson suit be dropped[/url] [i]Related[/i]: :lastd [url=]Northwest Indian News[/url]

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