Fan Quote: Eminem’s attention-seeking

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This fan quote comes from Cristine, a regular poster at MJEOL, in response to the latest attention-seeking stunt from rapper Eminem: [quote]He’s a 30 year old man who acts like an angry rebelious teen. He needs to grow up & raise above that I-don’t-give-a-f_ck attitude. & Like somebody said, he is fading & he needs attention & nobody gets attention like Michael. That $hit that he pulled was childish & uncalled for. He acts all big & bad but I bet If he were to meet Michael, he’d be kissin’ his a$s just like everybody else. So, he could go to hell![/quote] To read what other MJEOL members have to say about this subject, click over to this topic: :4pinned[url=]Eminem~, No you didn’t![/url]

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