Fan Quote: LMP’s latest MJ rants

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Our members have some interesting opinions about LMP and her latest analogy likening Michael Jackson to ‘the Titanic’. If she wants to see a ‘sinking ship’, she need only stalk over to the mirror and take a long hard look. Anyway, these fan quotes come from regular MJEOL posters in response to the latest attention-seeking stunts from the semi-singer: [quote]Michael has had a hard life too, and he still having one now. Michael grew up with a mentally and physically abusive dad, he had low self esteem, he had no real friends, he had no childhood, he hated the way he looked, he can’t go out and have fun, the rumors, the media torture, Martin Bashir, the allegations, all the lawsuit, the pain killer dependancy, getting his scalp burned, being the target for jokes, vitilligo, and Lisa Marie’s a$s included, he is raising two kids by himself too. Do you see Michael trash talking anyone? I believe Michael had his faults in the matter, I know he did. But she makes it seem as if she did nothing wrong. Somehow this marrige was different from her other 2496894 failed marriges and engagments. – nevaehdreams[/quote] [quote]Lisa might have had a little bit of a harder life. Since the moment she was born she was on the covers of tabloids and magazines, never able to have a normal life. Her parents were divorced when she was young. Her mother was strict, her father had many problems that she didn’t understand, when she was a teenager she followed the wrong crowd, got into drugs and booze. Was moved from school to school constantly. Her father died when she was only 9. She went through a time after the divorce with Mj that she didn’t know what she wanted or who she loved. – Tortured Soul[/quote] [quote]So what if she had a hard life? That’s no reason for her to do what she’s doing. It’s not like she has no reason. She doesn’t talk $hit about’s just Michael. I’m sure that if Michael was still that cool superstar with a good rep she wouldn’t be trying so hard to make it look like everything is fault, making it look like she was forced to marry him or that she was tricked by him…Lisa Marie doesn’t get nearly as much $hit as Michael has gotten for the last 30 years of his life and counting. I don’t feel sorry for her one bit. – nevaehdreams[/quote] To read what other MJEOL members have to say about this subject, click over to this topic: :4pinned[url=]What’s your opinion on Lisa Marie???[/url]

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