New Journal Chronicles Entry – Lisa Marie Dirty Laudry

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The latest post in the [i]Journal Chronicles[/i] Group is from team member HoldMeThrillMe. This time, she speaks on LMP. Here’s a snip: [quote]If she was so betrayed then why didn’t she feel the need to bring this to our attention 8 years ago when the marriage ended? I’ll tell you why, and it comes down to this: Lisa Marie could have chosen to speak about Nicholas Cage the way he spoke about her, but she didn’t. Nicholas Cage wasn’t going to make her as popular as Michael Jackson was. Speaking about Michael Jackson won her a couple of pages in sleazy tabloids around the globe. Nic Cage is not universal. I have to say that as a former fan of hers, I would say that I’m sorely disappointed in her as a person because I truly thought she was a better person than that. You don’t just go and air your dirty laundry like that for the sake of selling an album. [/quote] You can find it and others in the Journal Chronicles Section: :arrow [url=]Lisa Marie’s Dirty Laundry – Author: HoldMeThrillMe[/url]

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