Legal action against Scary Movie 3? mjni reports

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Here’s the latest: [quote]According to MJNI, Michael Jackson’s attorney’s are exploring possible slander charges against Dimension Films future release, ‘Scary Move 3,’ a comedy directed by David Zucker. Trailers of the movie have already begun airing online and in multiplexes around the country, much to the dissatisfaction of Michael Jackson fans everywhere. That’s because the movie includes a not so funny parody of the King of Pop that touches on unproven allegations leveled against him a decade ago.[/quote] To read the full report, head over to the MJ NEWS forum. See the thread: :4pinned[url=]Michael Jackson Exploring Possible Legal Action Against The Creators of ‘Scary Movie 3[/url] [i]Related[/i]: [url=]MJNI[/url] [url=]MJJFORUM[/url]

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