How many have become MJ fans since 2000?

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This fan quote comes from member Liquid Rainbow: [quote] I became a fan in september 2002 9altho I had bouth YRMW in 2001-but thats cos i just loved the song-i wasnt an MJ fan or nefing. i didnt really know nefing about him) BUT WOOO im so glad i became a fan!! -DarkChild[/quote] If you have become a fan of MJ’s since 2000, leave your name at the MJ CONVERSATION forum thread entitled: :arrow [url=]How many of you have become MJ fans since the year 2000?[/url] *Sidenote: I think the public has been mislead into thinking that Jackson has no fans or has no fans under the age of 30. I am under 30 and about 95% of the members of MJEOL are under 30.*

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