CNN Interview w/’Extra’ Correspondent: About birthday party

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The following is a snip from an interview with Extra TV correspondent about the birthday party: [quote]MICHAEL CORRETT, “EXTRA” CORRESPONDENT: As a matter of fact what I — I spent the day yesterday with Michael’s fan club president, Deborah Donnelly, and I was there at the theater. And I will obviously be going to the show tomorrow night. So I got a lot of the inside scoop yesterday. WHITFIELD: Wow, let’s talk about the first big party, which is being thrown by the fan club. What is expected to happen? Are some of his closest friends going to be there or is it just anybody who can afford to get a ticket? CORRETT: No, what it is basically — as you said, it is a party thrown by the fans for Michael. And what Michael knows so far is that he’s got a party for him and he’s going to be at the Orpheum Theater. But other than that, it’s a complete surprise to Michael. So, Michael, if you are watching, please walk out of the room now.[/quote] To read the FULL transcript, click over to the MJ CONVERSATIONS forum! See the topic: :arrow [url=]CNN Interview With “EXTRA” Correspondent, on the BIRTHDAY EVENT![/url]

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