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Michael’s Announcements from the stage of the Celebration of Love party tonight August 30, 2003: Mike did a little semi-striptease. Nothing THAT drastic, just playing with his fans like he always does. [b]In the studio working on new music An official website New clothing lines New hotel and resort Fan communication system so he can hear ALL feedback and be closer to the fans. and… Opening Neverland to his fans and making it more available to all his fans. [i]PART II[/i] Talks about Mottola being fired from Sony Michael goes on to mention: New short film (video) New feature film and a BUTT LOAD of other stuff that you are just going to have to click over to the MJEOL MJ CONVERSATIONS forum to read!!!! OMG!!! :faint -MJJF[/b] To read the latest and leave your comments, head over to the MJ CONVERSATIONS forum NOW! See the topic: [url=]Live “Celebration of love” party reports from MJJF [/url]

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