Fan Report: HeavenSent’s Report about her experience at MJ’s birthday party!

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A few members who post at MJEOL went to the Celebration of Love. Our first report comes from member HeavenSent. Here’s an excerpt from her report: [quote] It was like BAM! There Mike was! As soon as I spotted him, I almost went into shock for the first time ever! I totally forgot how to operate the damn camera. My hands were shaking so bad that I couldn’t even press “Record.” At that moment, the lights went dim and the band came marching in. I’m like “Aw Sh*t! Work, camera work!” I fumbled around mercifully until I found the correct button, but even then, I was still shaking uncontrollably. It was like too many things were happening at once, and I didn’t know how to slow down! ![/quote] Her report is very detailed. So if you want to read the [b]FULL REPORT[/b] click over to the MJ CONVERSATIONS forum. See the topic: :arrow [url=]My Experience in LA, I’ll never forget….[/url]

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