MJ spokesman responds to Sony press release

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Michael´s spokesman Stuart Backerman responds to Sony Press release To: ALL MICHAEL JACKSON FANCLUBS From: Stuart Backerman Re: Sony Press Release Sept. 17, 2003 ——————————————— To the Best Fans in the whole wide world: On Tuesday at about 3:00 PM PST I received information that Sony had just put out a press release regarding Mj´s new album including the tracklist, release date and cover title. Let me be crystal clear; Sony did this WITHOUT consulting Michael´s management. Why they did it is anybody´s guess, and I won´t waste your valuable time in speculating.However I must admit that we were very upset about Sony´s unilateral action simply because certain decisions were still not 100% “put to bed.” Early this morning (I´m not getting much sleep lately…LOL) I received further information from Sony that they have decided to retract the press release because it had NOT been cleared by their U.S. headquarters. PLEASE be patient as we clarify certain issues pertaining to the release of the new album which could change some aspects of the information you received from Sony´s premature press release. On another note; The Neverland charity event last weekend was fantastic. Michael was in rare form and enjoyed himself very much.At the final cheque giving ceremonies ( to the charities) the Backstreet Boy´s started a food fight with MJ´s huge birthday cake.All I can say is that I never laughed so hard because it was a spontaneous fun -filled moment which will surely go down as a classic! To tell you the truth, the whole day was a classic. I´ve received dozens and dozens of thank you´s from guests, the media and most importantly the fans who attended the event. With much love and gratitude, Stuart Backerman Source: Stuart Backerman/[url=http://zone.dr2.net/~mstenda/forums/index.php?s=1a199f5699c8917b00eb1481535db2ab&showtopic=11964]MJJF[/url] Leave your comments and find more information about this at: :arrow [url=http://forum.mjeol.com/index.php?showtopic=8614]Stuart Backerman – Re: Sony Press Release[/url]

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