Stuart Backerman addresses latest MJ news

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Stuart Backerman has released a statement to MJJF concerning the latest MJ info about the Greatest Hits and DVD package: [quote][i]To all fans: Friday, October 03, 2003[/i] Billboard Magazine has reported that in the near future CBS will conduct an interview with MJ to coincide with a live performance of “One More Chance.” The reality is slightly different, as follows: Michael has a longstanding contractual obligation to the CBS Television Network to do a performance on air.In order to fulfill this contractual obligation MJ and CBS have agreed, in principal, that at a date TBA(probably by Christmas season) CBS will air a one hour special using old footage from previous concerts etc., and to shoot MJ doing a TAPED performance of a new song, possibly ” One More Chance”However, there will NOT be an interview segment. As information regarding this T.V. Special becomes available I will keep you informed. With Much Love, Stuart Backerman,Official Spokesman for MJ [/quote] What do you think about the latest MJ news? Click over to the MJ Conversations forum to voice your opinion: :arrow [url=]Stuart Backerman releases statement (Oct 3 2003)[/url]

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