MJEOL member writes about Jackson and sexiness

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A member at MJEOL has written on Michael Jackson’s sexiness and how underrated he is when it comes to that area. Here’s a snip: [quote]Ok, now you may have expected this topic to be discussed by just a female. But once again, let me be the FIRST male poster on this HORNY board in HIStory to make my own statement on Michael being the Ultimate Sex God that he is. Really, I haven’t seen any other musician whose beauty in his voice, lyrics, moves, face and body only makes me shake my head and go, “How did this guy make me feel all this sexual tension about a man?” [/quote] To read the FULL article (and I suggest you do), click over to the [url=http://site.mjeol.com/modules/freecontent/index.php?id=4]Content[/url] section.

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