Sony UK issues press release about new album

Sony UK has issued a press release about the ‘Number Ones’ album from Michael expected to be released before the end of the year. Here’s a snip from the article: [quote]Michael Jackson, is gearing up for another phenomenal release; ‘Number Ones’ -a retrospective of his national and international No.1 hits; an undeniably thrilling collection on both CD and DVD – released on 17th November. Since his first solo album was released in 1979, Jackson has amassed more than 2 dozen No.1 hits internationally, 17 of which are contained in one pristine collection for the first time. [/quote] To read the full article, click Read More >> :3pinned To comment on the info, click over to the MJ News forum. See the topic: [url=]Sony UK issues press release about ‘Number Ones'[/url]