CD Spotlight: Dancing Machine/Moving Violation

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[img align=right][/img]Michael Jackson has been making beautiful music for over 35 years. Some of those years were spent kickin’ a$s with his brothers as a member of The Jacksons in the 70’s. This CD Spotlight is featuring the album: [b]Dancing Machine/Moving Violation[/b]. [b]Tracklisting:[/b] 1.I Am Love 2.Whatever You Got, I Want 3.She’s a Rhythm Child 4.Dancing Machine 5.The Life of the Party 6.What You Don’t Know [b]7.If I Don’t Love You This Way[/b] 8.It All Begins and Ends With Love 9.The Mirrors of My Mind 10.Forever Came Today 11.Moving Violation [b]12.(You Were Made) Especially for Me[/b] 13.Honey Love 14.Body Language (Do the Love Dance) [b]15.All I Do Is Think of You[/b] [b]16.Breezy[/b] 17.Call of the Wild 18.Time Explosion 19.Through Thick and Thin 20.Forever Came Today Hear samples of the songs at [url=]HERE[/url]! Especially check out the songs that are in bold above. They are some of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard. The song [i]If I Don’t Love You This Way[/i] was remade by Mary J Blige and appears on her latest album.

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