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MJ Fans (and radio DJs for that matter) are going crazy over the latest Mike Jackson song [i]One More Chance[/i]. The song hasn’t been officially released to all radio stations and has already made a huge splash on the very few stations that have played it. Here are just a few of the reations from some of our members: [quote]I’m crying my heart out now!! I’m so surprised!!!!! I’m in love with this song! I’ve listened to it with my Mother, we are both singing it now. Actually, after listening to the 14 seconds of it the other day.. my Mum was humming it around the house. She likes it a lot. She is also fan – for 34 years, I think I may add – she adores Michael. -Crystal_clear Posted: Oct 10 2003[/quote] [quote]OMG!!! I just heard One More Chance on the radio!!!!!! It was the première! They said it was the best song of the year and that it felt like Michael really really was back! – ECLECTiC Posted: Oct 13 2003[/quote] [quote] absolutely love it!!! everything! his voice, the beat, and the beginning of the song is soo beautiful “This time, I’m gonna do my best to make it right” omggg that just tells you the whole song is gonna be amazing!!! *happy* -MarissaMJ Posted: Oct 13 2003[/quote] [quote]Someone here said that his voice sounds almost Thriller-ish here. GOOD LORD! IT DOES!! Here’s what I think: It just sounds so incredible, Michael’s voice just…screams to you and soothes you at the same time, just like it always did… it’s like it takes all tracks from Invincible and kicks each one’s arse over and over again!! I smell a #1!!!! I can’t wait…do you think he’ll make a video for this?…. I am SO excited right now… -purdy young thang Posted: Oct 13 2003 [/quote] To read all the different fan comments about the song, click over to the MJ CONVERSATIONS forum! See the topic: :lasta [url=] One More Chance THE BIG THREAD[/url]

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