Its Time to Request One More Chance at ALL radio stations!

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Both MJEOL and MJJF are running “One More Chance” request campaigns! You will definitely hear the song on Urban and Urban/AC stations. [b]You have 2 ways of doing it:[/b][img align=right][/img] *At MJJF, there are a big number links to radio station websites broken down by format. There is an icon next to each link that signifies if you can hear the station live online. :arrow [url=]Radio Campaign[/url] *Right here at MJEOL, there are almost 100 links to Urban stations broken down by station call numbers. The one at MJEOL has all the contact information right there under the name of the radio station. So all you have to do is click on the email addresses and ask the DJs to play the song. Some stations also have online request forms that makes it easy so send in your requests. Those links are provided as well. And I will be constantly adding more information. :arrow Radio Contact! So show “One More Chance” some love and send in those requests!! :thumbsup

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