Fan Quote: Michael at the RMAs

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This MJEOL member fan quote comes from Babygirl24: [quote]Words can’t express about last night. It was an emotional moment. I thought it was so sweet. Beyonce was so sweet and so caring and Michael look so amazing. He still the same sweet, caring, loving Michael Jackson. It seem like yesterday we watch him as the cute. shy little boy of the Jackson 5 and now he’s amazing, gifted, unique caring man who touch my heart for so many years. We as fans keep him stronger than ever. God Bless yall. I think I have falling in love with Michael all over. the song What more can I give was a beautiful song. I’m sure it will be very successful.[/quote] What did you think about Mike and all his luciousness last night? Leave your comments at the MJEOL Forums! See the topic: :arrow [url=]There was just something different about Mike last night[/url]

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