Message Concerning Charity from MJFC

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[b]Message about Charity from MJFC[/b] Dear Michael Jackson Fans: As fans of Michael we know and love him for his artistic brilliance. We also admire and appreciate the work he has done on behalf of helping others. It goes without saying that the world at large acknowledges what Michael has done in the field of music and charity. Music For Giving supports charities that specifically HELP CHILDREN through education and enrichment programs. They provide funding for groups that actually DO something for children. Oneness fights racial intolerance. Mr.Holland’s Opus provides musical instruments to school children. HELP does after-school tutoring and teaches study skills. The Children’s Art Foundation showcases children’s art to the world. Michael has now gifted us all with this beautiful song of love and caring. As fans of Michael and as the truly good people that we all are, we should support Michael and his efforts to help children… HELP recently received the President of the United States Community Volunteer Award, the highest honor for volunteerism. They are a private non-profit organization who has received funding and grants from the U.S. government, the State of California and major national and international corporations and foundations. Their funding goes directly to the streets to help children learn. No funds go to any religious organization. There are some people in this world who attack those who do good because they are made insecure by the successes of others. As fans of Michael we have seen some unfair attacks upon him by a few people in the media. As Michael Jackson fans, let’s support his desire to help children. If you haven’t downloaded your copy, do it now, for Michael. Play the song from the roof tops. It is the time of the year when we are all reminded, that love and peace and helping others is what is really important. Thank you for your of support of Michael. Much love and peace to you all, Deborah Val President Executive Director The Michael Jackson Fan Club Music For Giving THE MICHAEL JACKSON FAN CLUB Music For Giving Source:

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