Fans, let Michael know how YOU feel! Official Survey

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To all of Michael Jackson’s wonderful fans, [img align=left][/img]At his 45th birthday party in Los Angeles, Michael spoke about the amazing dedication and loyalty you’ve shown him, his optimism for the future and some of his upcoming projects, including a fan communication center. Michael has a tremendous desire to give back to all the people who’ve supported him throughout the years. And he’s starting now: by getting to know you, your thoughts and ideas, just a little bit better. We’ve put together some questions in an online survey because we believe in the crucial importance of reaching out to Michael’s fans. While we have plans to improve communication, we are, at the same time, extremely sensitive to the extraordinary effort and value of web sites and other projects dedicated to Michael that have already been created by his fans. Please take some time to complete this survey and then forward or post the link to people you think would also be interested in participating. Please don’t wait to voice your opinion, as the survey will be live only until November 19, 2003. Your valuable knowledge will be used to develop an even better fan communications center. The survey should only take about 15 minutes to answer, but it means the world to Michael and his new team. Thank you so much for your help! Sincerely, [b]Stuart Backerman Official Spokesman for Michael Jackson[/b] Please click the following link

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