Jerkins making BIG bucks from INVINCIBLE

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[img align=left][/img]Michael Jackson “Invincible” 10/25/2003 Performance Royalties From Michael Jackson “Invincible” Has Surpassed All Other Recordings. While Rodney was working with Michael Jackson, Michael said to Rodney: “you’re going to make more money from writing and producing my album than you have ever made on any other album”. “It is because I sell albums worldwide not just in the USA.” Michael said”. “What Michael told Rodney was true. Rodney and his original “Darkchild” team have made more money in performance royalties on this album than they have made from any other album that they’ve worked on since 1994.” “And we are still making hundreds of thousands of dollars from the album “Invincible” Rodney said. :lasta Source: [url=][/url] // ‘pianoman04’ @ MJJF

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