Diane Dimond Gets Busted by Brian Oxman – MJEOL Bullet #20

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Here’s a snip of their exchange from the official transcript of the CNN show Paula Zahn Now, which aired Nov 19, 2003: [quote]BRIAN OXMAN, JACKSON FAMILY ATTORNEY: The Jackson family is extremely upset by all this commotion and the storm which is going on. And there’s no question about it that they view it with concern. But what we saw today is even of greater concern and that is a press conference where the District Attorney is really leaking information utilizing Ms. Dimond as the source. She tells us about alcohol, no one else knows about that… DIMOND: I resent that untruth. BROWN: Diane, we’ll get to you, thank you. OXMAN: It is wrong. It’s absolutely wrong. We’re hearing about when this child is through Diane Diamond. We’re hearing about the allegations. DIMOND: You are absolutely incorrect and you’re embarrassing yourself by what you’re saying. OXMAN: It is wrong. It is not the ethical way by which a prosecutor proceeds to have a journalist accompany them to a search of Neverland Ranch. The prosecutor has stars in their eyes of Hollywood. And when they have these kinds of stars of publicity, they are blinded by the light. And I think that’s what is going to happen here and that’s exactly what happened here. [/quote] Check out the full transcript of that segment here: :arrow [url=http://forum.mjeol.com/index.php?showtopic=10660]Diane Dimond Gets Busted by Brian Oxman[/url] :crackingup After getting one of her two faces handed to her, Ms Dimond–or Ms ‘Cubic Zirconia’ as some refer to her– didn’t have anything else to say on the show. Legal Analyst for CNN, Jeffery Toobin, also comments on how “odd and inappropriate” it was for the DA to have such a “jocular” nature during this press conference. If you, too, saw this Paula Zahn episode tonight (Nov 19) , please leave your comments.

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