A Definant Michael Jackson Set to Prove His Innocence

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* Michael Jackson arrived today in Santa Barbara to get his mug and prints taken. Jackson had his head held high and even held up his arms so that everyone could get a better look at the handcuffs he was wearing. Unlike certain media reports to the contrary, Jackson did not appear to be sad, panicky or ashamed. From all accounts, he is determined to prove his innocence in a court of law. Thus, if this is one of the motions he has to go through in order to get before a judge, then so be it. *Jermaine Jackson called into CNN to express his outrage over this latest orchestrated lyching, saying that he’s “sick and fuckin’ tired” of people messing with his family. You GO Jermaine! *[b]OVER 3,600[/b] people have signed an online petition at Petitionsonline.com in support of Michael Jackson. It is currently (as of 3:30PM CT) the 3rd most active petition at the website. *Lynda Sharp chimes in with yet another hard hitting article about Michael Jackson. Here’s a snip of it: [quote] …the media has done what they do best. They have displayed a willingness to forgo even a modicum of neutrality or objectivity, in favor of ratings. Sell the sizzle, not the steak guys, because when all is said and done, just like last time, that’s all there is going to be. …So even though they have declared open season on Michael Jackson, they’d better watch how they take aim. Misloaded weapons have a way of backfiring. [/quote] You can read her entire article at the MJ CONVERSATIONS forum: [url=http://forum.mjeol.com/index.php?showtopic=10716]Hunting Season Open: Ducks, Rabbits, Deer, Michael Jackson…by Lynda Sharp[/url] It’s getting HOT yall! Stay tuned to MJEOL for the latest!

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