Thrust into World Spotlight for his Controversial Relationship with Jackson -03

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last updated: 11/20/2003 Thrust into World Spotlight for his Controversial Relationship with Jackson LOS ANGELES — A young cancer patient has been thrust into the world spotlight for his controversial relationship with Michael Jackson. Two and a half years ago, the young cancer patient just wanted his chemotherapy to be over. Now he’s at the center of controversy, not for his death-defying battle with cancer, but because of his friendship with Michael Jackson that came to light in a documentary on Jackson’s life. But to those who know the young boy say that it is not uncommon for him to show his affection for everyone who helped him battle cancer. And for those who say the relationship is inappropriate, Jamie Masada of the Laugh Factory points out he introduced the two. He says, “To see what they have put him through now is a horrifying thing to see.” Masada met the young cancer patient at a comedy camp for underprivileged kids, but as the child became more sick, he promised to introduce him to Jackson, but only if the boy got better. Masada says, “Nobody was looking at him — I mean nobody was looking to help him out then — now everybody is criticizing — this child has come to life because of Michael.” When Eyewitness News first interviewed the youngster it was because he needed blood after operations to remove a kidney, his spleen and a nine-pound tumor. For now his cancer is in remission, but after the documentary aired, the pre-teen has been the subject of talk radio and tabloid photographers are camping out at his home; and Masada says the resulting stress is causing the boy to have problems with his remaining kidney. Since Eyewitness News first interviewed the young cancer patient he has grown quite a bit, filled out and looked like any other healthy 12-year-old. That was great since it had been a very real possibility that our first meeting would also be our last. :nav Source: [url=]…lationship.html[/url]

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