Are There Holes in Prosecution’s Case Already? – MJEOL Bullet #22

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Are There Holes in Prosecution’s Case Already? – MJEOL Bullet #22 Fox news journalists are reporting as of last night that the alleged victim’s family was turned down by an attorney or attorneys before this story broke. During Greta van Sustren’s Fox news program last night, one reporter said that at least one attorney admitted the reason why he did not want to take this case was due to a question concerning the credibility of the alleged victim. Gloria Allred, famous for her affinity for the media spotlight surrounding this and other cases, confirmed that she was representing the family of the “cancer victim” yesterday. What has baffled a few people after that announcement is why this accuser would need separate council outside of the District Attorney’s office at this time if these allegations are solely to bring “justice”. As it stands, Michael Jackson has yet to be formally charged with anything. An arraignment hearing is scheduled to take place in early January 2004. DA Tom Sneddon seems to have an affinity for holidays as word has come out that Jackson won’t be charged with anything until after Thanksgiving. I guess he’s busy with the turkey crowd after claiming that the reason he didn’t execute a search warrant before the day of Jackson’s album release was that he had to worry about a crowd of vicious Halloween party-seekers. All jokes aside, many legal analysts were put off by the way in which DA Sneddon held the press conference when announcing Jackson’s house was being search in connection to allegations. During the event, Sneddon jokes with reporters—more than once and too often for it to appear as anything short of highly unprofessional. Jeffrey Toobin, CNN legal analyst, commented that he found it to be “odd and inappropriate” during an episode of Paula Zahn Now. During the press conference, a reporter asks: “Is he [Jackson] still in Las Vegas?” Sneddon answers: “I don’t know. I mean, we really have a life other than Michael Jackson, and we’ve been trying to work on our investigation…” Later, a question was asked by another reporter:

“Sheriff, I’m a little confused. If you had 70 guys out on his ranch, you don’t know where Michael Jackson was yesterday. And if you consider this to be a possible flight risk, why would you not have known?”

Sheriff Anderson replied: “We had an idea where he might be…” If this also strikes you as odd, you are not alone (no pun intended). If you are investigating someone for possible child molestation, either you will or you won’t know where they are. There is no room for gray areas or conflicting stories. In his attempt to appear cavalier about having “a life other than Michael Jackson”, which is questionable in itself if you ask insiders involved in the case, Sneddon seems to be stretching the truth. Yet another reporter asks:

“It’s well known that Michael Jackson is always surrounded by servants and bodyguards and I’m not questioning your investigation, I’m trying to understand how the molestation of a child could happen with all kinds of people around him all the time?…”

This question has yet to be answered by the DA’s office, and is already eating away at this case. Thus, if this accuser claims he was alone with Jackson during a certain time and place, and evidence comes out from a witness or witnesses that were with Jackson at that specific time, this could further damage a possibly already weak prosecution case. Other contradictions arise, such as Sneddon saying he wouldn’t appear on any talk shows or give any interviews. Yet, he’s seen giving a recent interview to Diane Dimond for Court TV. The cozy relationship between Dimond, also a hold-over from the 1993 case—whose main source at that time, Victor Gutierrez, lost a defamation of character lawsuit against Jackson, then fled the country—also creates questions about the inappropriate relationship between the DA’s office and the media. After having his mug and prints taken, a defiant and confident Jackson held up a peace sign and waived to reporters. Not long after, Jackson’s vehicle was caught in traffic on the way back to Las Vegas, when dozens of well-wishers on the road got out of their cars to shake his hand and show their support. Michael Jackson is determined to clear his name of any and all charges in a court of law. -MJEOL

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