Jermaine Jackson Clarifies Bed-Sharing – MJEOL Bullet #23

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[b]Jermaine Jackson Clarifies Bed-Sharing – MJEOL Bullet #23[/b] Jermaine Jackson appeared on 20/20 tonight (Nov 21) defending his brother. The elder Jackson has confirmed what many Jackson supporters have believed for a long time: Michael Jackson has never actually gone to sleep in the same bed with any child. To explain this further, when Jackson admits that he “shares his bed” with children, he is not referring to actually laying down next to any child, turning the lights off and going to sleep next to them. When Jackson uses that phrase, he means that he’s sharing his personal property with anyone who wishes to sleep in his bed while he will sleep on the floor or on a cot. Thus, he never physically sleeps in the same bed with any child. This information was also confirmed by Corey Feldman on Larry King Live (aired Nov 21, 2003) when he said that Jackson slept on a cot while he was there. Oddly, this was also confirmed by the alleged victim during the Living with Michael Jackson “documentary” when he admits that Jackson slept on the floor while he and his siblings slept in Jackson’s bed. The media does not shy away from random speculations—the more wild and untrue, the better—where Michael Jackson is concerned. Could misinterpretations of Jackson’s words be coming back to bite the media in their proverbial asses? Looks like it. Michael Jackson has yet to be charged with anything. The “case” against Jackson seemed to be slowly unraveling throughout the day with reports that the accuser’s family was turned down by two civil attorneys–who questioned their credibility before any allegations were formally made—and more reports that the accuser’s father stated he does not believe Jackson harmed his son (see [url=]Accuser’s Father Believes Jackson[/url]). -MJEOL

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