Hughes Reveals Extortion Plot against Jackson in 1993 – MJEOL Bullet #24 UPDATE

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Hughes Reveals Extortion Plot against Jackson in 1993 – MJEOL Bullet #24 UPDATE

Geraldine Hughes, the secretary that worked for the 1993 accuser’s father’s attorney, Barry Rothman, appeared on Fox News show Rita Cosby tonight (Nov 22 2003) and dropped a bombshell to most who are not aware of what happened in 1993.

She has specific information about how the Chandlers ‘set-up’ Michael Jackson to extort money from him. If you remember, Jackson filed a lawsuit against Chandler for extortion in 1993, which was later dropped as a condition to the financial settlement.

Hughes says “It wasn’t what I heard, it’s what I was seeing take place before my eyes.” She confessed that the 1993 affidavit, which so many reporters like to cite as a way of condemning Michael Jackson, was basically the product of the imagination of the son and the father in order to carry out their public ruination of the singer.

She says they both were “very creative” in coming up with ‘ideas,’ which may explain why some critics of Jackson think the apparently false affidavit reads as truth. These are not second-, third-, or fourth-hand rumors, as Hughes has actual first-hand, eyewitness knowledge about most of what happened.

One of the most explosive revelations include information on investigators from the first case. The following is taken from her publisher’s website:

“Investigators intimidated children they contacted from Jackson’s personal phone book by claiming to have photos of them with Jackson in order to get them to admit to events that never happened.”

She says that Chandler did in fact have a conversation with David Schwartz boasting “If I do not get what I want, I’m going to ruin him [Jackson]’ “.

This is a corroboration of the audio tapes, which were played before the public during the 1993 investigation. The audio tapes she is referring to reveal Chandler making threats to “ruin” Jackson if he didn’t get money.

Evidently, the Chandlers were demanding $20 million from Jackson for screen-writing projects. She says initially the Chandler’s were negotiating for money for a movie deal and that the little boy was a part of this as well.

She also questioned why the media has not been as deligent in reporting the words that came right out of Chandler’s own mouth. Many reporters and correspondents report conjecture and rumors as if they are fact, yet are neglectful, to say the least, when it comes to reporting information that could be in Jackson’s favor.

Hughes says that she is ready to let the world know how Chandler and his lawyers went about putting this extortion plot into action. She has compiled all of her evidence in a book called “Redemption”, set to be released very soon.

She wants Jackson to be “redeemed of these charges” in 1993 “because he was never guilty in the first place.” She wants the world to know the 1993 incident was a total and complete attempt to drain Jackson of millions of dollars. She also wishes to bring light to both this extortion plot and to Jackson’s innocence.

All of this information could explain why Jordan Chandler has yet to come out and confess to Jackson’s innocence. It is not clear if Jordan Chandler could face some form of punishment for his part in this plot since he was a minor at the time.

Many commentators are using the allegations of 1993 to try to publicly convict Michael Jackson for the allegations of 2003. If the allegations of 1993 are untrue, which looks to be the case, one cannot use the 1993 allegations as a way of proving their ‘where-there’s-smoke-there’s-fire’ theory.

Stay tuned. The book will hit the shelves soon.



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