Highly Unusual to Solicit Alleged Victims – MJEOL Bullet #25

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[b]Highly Unusual to Solicit Alleged Victims – MJEOL Bullet #25[/b] On CNN’s Late Edition, hosted by Wolf Blitzer (Nov 23 2003), legal analyst Kimberly Newsom expressed that it was highly unusual that a District Attorney and Sheriff would solicit other alleged victims during a press conference. She says that the DA’s office or the sheriff “encouraging people” to come forward now could backfire by bring out people who “perhaps are not credible and are not trustworthy…trying to get attention.” The “dangerous game”, as she calls that solicitation, began when District Attorney, Tom Sneddon, appeared almost gleeful at the press conference announcing that Jackson had an arrest warrant against him. She goes on to state that she was very “surprised by the tone” of the DA during that press conference. Newsom also had a question as to why the DA’s office would wait to file charges. According to her, filing charges is a “simple procedure” if there is hard evidence. The DA’s office announced that no formal charges will be filed until after Thanksgiving. There is a highly important point to be made: If someone else comes forward now, their credibility is and should be highly questionable. The call for more accusers could be a symptom of a weak prosecution case, and could mean that the DA’s office desperately needs corroborating evidence to prove these, as of yet, un-filed charges against Michael Jackson. This information comes on the heels of an unraveling “case” against Michael Jackson. There are reports that this boy and his mother once leveled possibly false accusations against the father as well. The father’s attorney stated that his client believes the mother is “unfit” and that he does not believe Jackson victimized his son (see report [url=http://site.mjeol.com/modules/news/article.php?storyid=308]Father of Accuser Believes Jackson[/url]). Supposedly, Jackson’s team has both video tape and signed statements from the accuser’s family stating that Jackson did not do anything inappropriate in any way to their son. Also, in the Living with Michael Jackson “documentary”, the accuser can be seen actually confirming that he and Jackson never slept in the same bed together. He states, out of his own mouth, that Jackson slept on the floor in a pile of covers while he, and sometimes other siblings, slept in the bed. Further, it is now coming out that Jackson has never actually gone to sleep—laying down, turning off the lights, and turning in for the night– in the same bed with any child (see report [url=http://site.mjeol.com/modules/news/article.php?storyid=309]Jermaine Jackson Clarifies ‘Bed-sharing’[/url]). When he states he “shares his bed,” it is in reference to giving whoever the guest is the right to lay in his bed while he sleeps on the floor or somewhere else. -MJEOL

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